Graham Watson

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Member since October 13, 2009

Hi there! I'm the guy who started developing this website in the fall of 2003. I like lists, so here are a few to help explain what I'm all about.


My other pursuits include...

  • running an experimental "thought repository" website called Ether,
  • voiceover work,
  • martial arts (current focus is Kali and Silat, but I also train off and on in Ninjitsu, Shotokan, Muay Thai, Wushu, and Krav Maga),
  • self defense (I help put on women's self-defense and sexual assault prevention classes through Ball State)
  • guitar,
  • freelance event host / emcee work,
  • various web development work,
  • and a wide variety of community projects.

What else...

  • I'm a big advocate of community organization, development, and promotion,
  • I try to use the few skills I have, such as public speaking and web development, to benefit my community as well as I can,
  • and folks call me Phantom. Old nickname from when I was a little kid.