Phantom Watson

Professional stuff-doer

web dev / martial arts / fire / body suspension / emcee

What stuff?

Mainly this stuff:


I'm a senior full-stack web developer and project manager with 21+ years of experience planning, developing, and managing everything from complex, back-end-heavy websites to sophisticated one-page front-end applications.

Currently, I'm the Lead Software Engineer for the redevelopment of the Ticketleap ticketing platform, but I also take contract work and maintain a collection of community websites and personal projects.


I emcee and produce festivals, concerts, burlesque shows, sideshows, variety shows, gameshows, and just about any other kind of show you can think of. When I'm not hosting, I'm performing fire, sideshow, and body suspension acts.

I've hosted a live gameshow called Trivia Brawl since 2007, most recently at The White Rabbit Cabaret in Indianapolis, but for the safety of myself, my loved ones, and my audience, my show production work is currently on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, enjoy some Trivia Brawl Fun Facts.

The body suspension troupe that I have performed with since 2007 is Subculture Suspension Arts, and the burlesque troupe I've hosted and produced for since 2016 is Project X Burlesque.


I'm a lifelong martial arts nerd, specializing in and teaching Filipino martial arts, women's self-defense, and sexual assault protection.

I've studied about a dozen other martial arts throughout my life, including arrest tactics during the years I worked as a fugitive recovery agent and tactical handgun combat, and on rare occasion I dabble in choreographing fights for film and stage productions.


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Trivia Brawl
Videos produced for the Trivia Brawl gameshow series
New Cammack
A Vampire: the Masquerade comedy-horror-mystery playcast series
Fire, comedy, and hosting performances

Developed Websites

The internet is magical. Let's make cool, useful, wonderful things with it.

Muncie Events
The backbone of a community calendar network for Muncie, IN
CBER Data Center
A bunch of websites for all of your economic development, grantwriting, and policy-making needs
An experimental "thought repository"
Muncie MusicFest
Annual street / multi-venue festival for the Muncie, IN music community
Trivia Brawl Fun Facts
A presentation of "facts" displayed before each episode of Trivia Brawl begins. Click the logo to advance to the next fact, or wait for it to cycle automatically.
VGR Album Art Fetcher
An application for searching public APIs for music album artwork, built to help out Village Green Records
Bastard Elf Hassler Bastard Elf Hassler
A dice-roller for combat and other such hassles in the game The Sword of the Bastard Elf.
Escape from Haunted MCHS
A game originally developed in 2002 for the students of Muncie Central High School and resurrected in 2016. Search through over 120 rooms to investigate mysteries, defeat villains, and save the school.
A translator from normal human speech to confusingly bombastic gibberish. Developed as an inside joke for a tabletop roleplaying game.


PO Box 1604
Muncie, IN 47308